Steve CarleInvestment Director &
Chief Investment Officer of Edge Performance VCT

Steve is an experienced private equity and venture capital specialist and an Investment Director at Edge Investments, where he focuses on investment opportunities through Edge’s largest fund raising to date, the GBP40 million Edge Creative Enterprise Fund, launched in November 2015 with backing from the British Business Bank. Steve is also Chief Investment Officer of Edge Performance VCT. He sits on an Edge investment committee, and also sits on the boards of Coolabi Group, TRX and represents Edge’s interests as an observer of IntentHQ and deltaDNA.

Prior to Edge, Steve enjoyed a successful 20-year career with the UK’s two leading mid-market private equity companies.

Between 1991 and 1999, Steve worked in the Edinburgh and Cambridge offices of 3i Group plc where he invested in businesses as widely disparate as PPL Therapeutics (who famously cloned Dolly the Sheep), and Greenvale Produce the UK’s largest potato packing business. In 1999 he left 3i to join LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group which, when Steve left the company, had grown to become the UK’s leading mid-market private equity investor. While at LDC, Steve was responsible for some of its most successful deals, including Penn Pharmaceuticals, Insys and Dennis Eagle. The transactions with which he was involved at LDC have already delivered near 100% capital gains.

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