Gordon PowerDirector

Gordon is a private equity specialist and one of the originators of the VCT business in the UK, with over 30 years of venture capital and private equity experience.

As a member of Edge’s investment committee, Gordon helps advise on all of Edge’s investment decisions for both Edge Performance VCT and Edge Creative Enterprise Fund.

Gordon founded and was CEO of the private equity business ProVen Private Equity (now renamed Beringea), and led its buy-out from Guinness Mahon in 1997. By 2002 ProVen, which specialised in media and intellectual property rights investments, had funds under management of US $370 million including a highly successful range of VCTs. From 1984 to date, he has achieved an overall return in excess of 29% on 239 realised (i.e. sale, flotation or administration/liquidation) investments and unrealised investments.


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David Fisher, Investment Director at Edge Investments Ltd.