Gaming Analytics Firm deltaDNA Adds Visualization Tools

Edge’s investee company, deltaDNA, the Big data game analytics and marketing company, has added a new data visualization platform to its offering, helping data scientists and marketers understand trends and patterns in game data.

The existing package collects data on player competence, aggression, strategic ability and social interaction and feeds it into advanced data mining and predictive modelling software to identify and segment different player behaviors. Earlier this year the firm added Direct Access, which enables statisticians to plug major BI tools straight into its high speed Vertica database; and SmartAds to bring in ad monetization data for intelligent player targeting. Now it is adding deep data graphing and charting functionality, including pivot charting.

CEO Mark Robinson says such insights are ‘essential to maintaining a healthy game balance’, and continues: ‘Graphical representation of data has become essential to revealing patterns of behaviour, but until now this has been mainly limited to KPIs and aggregate data, unless you used a BI tool like Tableau via our Direct Access. We have now added BI style built-in charting tools that can be used to visualize your entire game data’.

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